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Grey Matter Gravy

Issue 2 Bonus Content

Here are all the things I couldn't stick in the envelope.

Space Shuttle Enterprise Test Flight

Second free test flight - September 13, 1977

Music of the Future

David Bowie played SNL in 1979 and it was magical.

I couldn't make just one playlist so here's 8 hours of 80s new wave. Play or shuffle—it works either way.

3D Images

Anything in 3D is automatically futuristic. I've converted some View-Master reels to anaglyph images for you and I've also included some 3D photos I took of the San Antonio Library. Pro tip: since you're not watching a movie with those 3D glasses, cut the arms off and just hold them up in front of your eyes (Red lens over your left eye!).

Space: 1999 View-Master reels

Star Trek View-Master reels

Apollo 11 View-Master reels

By the way, NASA takes 3D pictures of things all the time. Check out all of the 3D images of Mars!

San Antonio Public Library

Cosmos Opening


"Talkbot" machinima web series (2009)

I began creating machinima with SecondLife in 2007. I made a few shorts with a pair of robots (Aren and Lifal). I used text-to-speach voices which I found both appropriate and hilarious. In 2009, I recruited my friend Jan Hanford to write new episodes with me. After creating mainly one-off episodes we decided to write a continuing plot line. These are the last 19 episodes that track the rise of Bob and the Singularity.